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Bolivia Travel Guide - Ch. 1 - The 10 Days Itinerary

It was 2015 when I took this trip. The idea came to me when I was working in Brazil, during the Feb. carnival season. "It's gonna be crazzzzzy here in Brazil amigo!!! So expensive everywhere! Go somewhere else for your (vacation1)!" That's what my colleague said to me about the carnival money burning season for visitors. I was thinking of going to Rio for the Samba Parade, but one ticket was at least USD$300, and flying there from Sao Paulo (where I was) was at least USD$250... not to mention hotel was at least USD$400 per night! I had a bad experience staying at a cheap "hotel" for the NY's eve (see a future blog on Rio) so heck, it was a no-go.

While I was wondering what to do for the break, my new friend from Bolivia texted me and said, "Why don't you come visit?" I met her in Rio at the NY's Eve. When she told me she was from Bolivia that night, I thought she said Bulgaria (I blame the noise and alcohol)... "Wao, that's far!" I said. "No! It's just next to Brazil..." she said, and stared at me with a speechless face after I said, "I thought it was from Europe." So, this time, I finally googled "Bolivia", and I saw these pictures...

Caption from Google Search: Bolivia

Caption from Google Search: Bolivia

Wow! That's the moment when I decided to book a ticket immediately.

I thought planning the visit would be easy, but that was wrong. It is true that lots of website tells you it's amazing there, and it's a place for your bucket list, but they seldom tell you how to get from one spot to another. There was even no train or bus schedule available online, which was usually my backbone method of travel planning.

I consulted a friend who had been there before and formed a planned. After showing it to my Bolivian friend, it was scrapped out by a comment, "What the hell was that?"

So, my dear friend started to scribble something on a piece of paper, while she was procrastinating at work, and that's when the 10 days itinerary born.

Day 1: Cocabamba to meet up

Day 1.5: Night bus to Oruro

Day 2: Oruro Street Carnival

Day 2.5: Overnight bus to Uyuni

Day 3: Uyuni Expedition

Day 4: Uyuni Expedition

Day 5: End of Uyuni Expedition

Day 5.5: Overnight bus to La Paz

Day 6: La Paz street tour

Day 7: Morning bus to Copacabana, then boat to Isla del Sol

Day 8: Isla del Sol hike

Day 8.5: Boat back to Copacabana, afternoon bus to La Paz

Day 8.8: La Paz overnight

Day 9: Flight to Santa Cruz for a special event

Day 10: Chill day @ Santa Cruz

Day 11: Flight back to Sao Paulo

Highlights of events in my 10 Days trip in Bolivia

Note 1: My Brazilian colleague had a heavy accent, he said Fuucation, which I knew he didn't really mean that, but if he knew, he would emphasis more.


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